Emily Budd, 21, an International Business student has recently completed a 3 month internship with party holiday brand Party Hard Travel. Founded by former Portsmouth University students, Nathan Cable and Barry Moore, Guildford based Party Hard Travel are in their fourth year of operation. During her placement with Party Hard Travel, Emily had the opportunity to sample all areas of the business, including finance and operations, whilst the brand operated in 7 European resorts for summer 2018.

Commenting on her experience with Party Hard Travel, Emily said: “I wasn’t sure what to expect from the internship with Party Hard Travel. I guess I thought I might be making the tea or not have much involvement, but I was trusted with a great deal of responsibility. I worked a lot with digital marketing including social media and content creation, and these are skills that I can take with me to the next stage of my learning- my 12 month placement.”

“What was particularly useful about the internship was that it built on the theoretical concepts I learnt at university by developing my practical skills. It meant adapting what I had been taught, and applying it to the real world. I learnt things like how to speak to customers and understand their wants and needs from a holiday so that I could recommend the right resort for them, and also how to change my tone to suit different people. As Party Hard are in the travel industry, it’s a busy, fast paced environment but it was also really relaxed too. I felt like part of the team from day one.”

Emily had limited knowledge of party travel before starting her internship, so what did she make of the whole concept? “I went travelling after leaving school, so had never been on a party holiday. I’d read about Club 18-30 and thought that clubbing holidays were dying out. But what I saw at Party Hard Travel was that they were all about doing things differently. With Party Hard Travel, you can have a luxurious party holiday experience, without it costing as much. I also now know that there are different resorts to suit different needs, so depending on the music you like and how busy you like things to be.”

Above: Emily in her first year at Portsmouth University

As for students contemplating an internship for next year, Emily urges them to give it a go, saying: “It’s been a really worthwhile experience. My next placement is quite a different role, looking more at research and development, but I know that they are looking into developing the digital side and thanks to my internship with Party Hard Travel, this is something that I now have much more experience with. As for the future, I hope to be able to come back to Party Hard Travel once I’ve finished my course. They are growing so quickly, it’ll be really interesting to see where they are two years from now.”